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Buscemi Men's 100MM Avorio Leather Sneakers SAMPLE

Buscemi Mens 100MM Avorio Leather Sneakers

This classic 100mm Avorio "Avorio" actually means "Ivory" in Italian sports a minimalist feel with just a dash of opulence.

Constructed from crisp, Italian leather. Boasting gilded accents, this shoe features a gold-plated padlock to the heel, debossed branding, and hand-painted edges; a true testament to Jon Buscemi’s strive for innovation and unrivaled craftsmanship. Leap into a land of luxury with this pair, detailed with the label’s unforgettable extended heel handle.

BTN: 1007SP14-CRM

Model: 100MM

Color: Avorio/Avorio

MSRP: $890

Condition: New With Defects

A sample shoe allows Buscemi to verify that everything is as intended, to test the quality of the shoe and, if necessary, make some final corrections. A sample is constructed with the goal of matching the final product so it can enter mass production. There may be cosmetic imperfections 2nd Tier Sample.
Off White

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