Buscemi Men's Slide Scratch Black/Peach Leather Sandals SAMPLE

Buscemi Slide Scratch Black/Peach Leather Sandals

Buscemi mixes sportswear with traditional design codes – a significant SS19 theme – as expressed in these black Slide Scratch slides. Crafted in Italy from full-grained leather, the wide-arch strap has logo-debossed lettering and adjustable Velcro panels for a secure fit and sits on a moulded insole. Runs true to size.

BTN: 119SM013JM990S0910

Model: Slide Scratch

Color: Black/Peach

MSRP: $375

Condition: New With Defects

TOP TIER SAMPLE UNIT: Please note, these are samples manufactured by Buscemi, there may be imperfections due to this. These shoes were not intended for mass production and may have quality control issues

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