Buscemi Mens 100MM Sport Tutti Frutti Leather Sneakers SAMPLE

Buscemi 100MM Sport Tutti Frutti Leather Sneakers

Hand crafted in Italy, the 100MM high-top sneaker is artfully constructed of of the finest materials with hand painted edges and signature heel handle. The shoe is also paired with gold plated hardware featuring a 3-piece mechanical closure and lock. 100 millimeters in height, a padded tongue, stamp embossed logo, a rubber sole, geometric flaps at collar and a leather lining. Made in Italy.

BTN: 219SM120VP99FK0096

Model: 100MM Sport

Color: Tutti Frutti

MSRP: $890

Condition: New With Defects

TOP TIER SAMPLE UNIT: Please note, these are samples manufactured by Buscemi, there may be imperfections due to this. These shoes were not intended for mass production and may have quality control issues
Tutti Frutti

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