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Buscemi Women's 100MM Orange Leather High Top Sneakers SAMPLE

Buscemi 100MM Orange Leather High Top Sneakers

Handcrafted in Italy, the 100MM high-top sneaker is artfully constructed of the finest materials with hand-painted edges and a signature heel handle. The shoe is also paired with gold-plated hardware featuring a 3-piece mechanical closure and lock. 100 millimeters in height.

- Geometric collar flap
- Rugged outsole tread pattern
- Three-piece gold plated brass turn-lock closure at padded tongue.
- Gold plated padlock on back of shoe
- Padded tongue with stamped logo
- Oversized pull-up loop

BTN: 1007FL14-ORG

Model: 100MM

Color: Orange

MSRP: $890

Condition: New With Defects

A sample shoe allows Buscemi to verify that everything is as intended, to test the quality of the shoe and, if necessary, make some final corrections. A sample is constructed with the goal of matching the final product so it can enter mass production. There may be cosmetic imperfections 2nd Tier Sample.

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