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Your 5 fashion vows this Valentine's Day

February 09, 2022 3 min read

Valentine's Day sale

Friends, and Global citizens, if you are reading this, you are probably gearing up for the much-awaited Valentine’s Day. As per statistics, Valentine’s Day is one of the top 10 celebrated Holidays in the United States. It is a myth that one cannot thwart cupid's arrow. Single, broken or taken, regardless of your marital status, you are bound to drench in the spirit of love.

Love is a funny language. It is a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon, a warm blanket on chilly nights. Love can give butterflies in your stomach but can also bring you calm in the chaos. Love can be a place, a person, a thing, or for many of you, your pet dog. For those who love fashion and are in a committed relationship with style, here are 5 classic fashion vows that you must make this Valentine's Day.

PS: Men and Women shopping for their special ones, get exceptional discounts and links to all our products by the end. So read on.

1 - Invest in Fashion. Do not splurge

You've heard it before and we will repeat, in the world of trends remain classic. It is always a great idea to get your hands on the latest trends. However fashion experts also claim that not having classic pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories in your wardrobe is not fashion-friendly either. Something as simple as pair of black t-shirts, trousers and blazers is like an investment; The one that gives you long term returns. Classic is comforting too. Invest in Buscemi 100MM sneakers; When in doubt wear them and put your best foot forward. Bally Salfor Chocolate leather derby shoes are a showstopper at formal events. Not only pocket friendly but also high-quality leather and the chocolate brown color earns you a solid first impression. Bally Walton black leather drivers are another great choice of footwear. When speaking of classics, you need to own a pair of converses that will last longer than the relationship with your EX. 

2 - Swear by Shoe-Belt-Watch rule

Men, it is your time to shine and impress your lady love. Take this vow and thank us later. Always match the color of your shoes with the color of belt and watch strap. You need not go all monochrome but match the three and notice a liner growth in your style quotient. Have you checked out our accessories section yet? 

3 - Good shoes will take you to good places

Did you know that the second thing  a woman notices in a man are his shoes? The first thing is his face. When asked the same question to Men, answers were dramatic (to say the least) and quite debatable as well ;)

A good shoe is subjective, but a clean shoe is non-negotiable. Comb your hair, dress well, follow Vow no. 2, smell good and clean your shoes before leaving the house. Fabric sneakers and boots need more attention. Invest in a decent footwear cleaner. For beginners, you want to check out Bally Derby, Kuba and MCM’s for ease of maintenance.

4 - Dress for the Weather, NOT for the Other

There is never bad weather but always bad outfit. It is winter in major parts of the world and, depending on where you are, you need to dress appropriately. In the United States, Bally Tenant are essential to avoid cold feet (pun intended). Nike's Air Zoom or ON’s Cloud fit are perfect to work out and hold the solid grip on the ground.

5 - Single or taken, be your valentine

In today's age, it is primary to indulge in self-love. Loving yourself first makes you capable of loving another truly. So, on occasions like Valentine’s, clap for yourself and self-reward a Jimmy Choo at a much-discounted rate on our site. Make a wish and buy yourself a Versace or a Maison Margiela because guess what you’re still paying less for original shoes.

You heard us and now we hear you - Here is a 15% FLAT discount code 'LOVE22' for shoppers especially for Valentine's. See you at the shopping cart.

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