This Black Friday go GREEN! Quick hacks to sustainable fashion

This Black Friday go GREEN! Quick hacks to sustainable fashion

November 20, 2021 2 min read

This Black Friday go GREEN! Quick hacks to sustainable fashion

The debate between sustainable fashion and fast fashion has been ongoing for a decade. However, sustainable a.k.a. eco-fashion has been highly misunderstood. There are different angles to approach this conundrum. It is important to demystify the concept of sustainable fashion to shop responsibly this Black Friday sale season. As a shopper, you should not have any ounce of guilt before pressing the 'place order' button on your favorite shopping site.

As per the latest research, 62 per cent of online shoppers buy at least once per month (Episerver, 2019). Additionally, 26 per cent of online buyers shop online once a week, and 3 per cent claim to shop once a day. So is this act sustainable? Maybe, maybe not! 

It comes as no surprise that Online shoppers demand new products constantly. 75 per cent of consumers search queries each month are brand new (Salesforce, 2018). This shows that when people are browsing online, they’re actively searching for new products. On top of that, 69 per cent of consumers say it’s imperative to see new varieties each time they visit a website. To keep up with these demands, businesses often introduce trends for each season and mass produce goods to cut down on manufacturing costs. So, is this act sustainable? Let’s find out.

The answer is never easy and always subjective. There are three main pillars of sustainable fashion:

1. The place of buy:

Before you set your eyes, heart and soul or a pair of shoes or two, ask yourself if you can instead buy a quality that will last longer? Or can you rent the product if it is only specific to a particular event? Is there an option to buy offseason? Do you trust the brand you're purchasing from? Most importantly, do you find value in that purchase? Is the brand or website going to provide you with a solid after-sale service?

These questions need to be answered on a personal level.

2. The Manufacturing:

What is the origin of that designer handbag you’ve been eyeing? Which country is it made from? What are the safety measures the brand is undertaking in the production process? Was any resource, human, and/or nature, exploited in the process? What are the ethics of the brand?

3. Material of the bag/shoe/clothing:

Here comes the important question - Is the material biodegradable? Is the product a limited edition or just a surplus of mass production that is probably being discarded at a teasing rate?

While these may be a lot of questions to answer while you are caught in a clickbait, but channelling this thought process before any purchase, whether impulse or planned, will help you make the right choice.

Hence, many consumers are now moving to only designer wear. Not only does a Designer piece define luxury, but it also defines class and trust.There are economical ways to possess luxury fashion brands namely, Bally, Ralph Lauren, Farfetch, Net-a-porter, Oerum, Viktor and Rolf couture, Tome, Buscemi, Stella Mc Cartney, Versace at Positivo. With prompt customer care and free delivery, you are bound to make a statement this fall. 

So Ladies and Gentlemen, go green this Black Friday and see you at the shopping cart.

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